Code of Silence

Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker was breathtaking. Have you ever tried to live a lie? How did that turn out? In Code of Silence Tim Shoemaker shows us the effect lies can have on your friendships and even yourself. This story was fast paced and brilliant.

The first of the series, Code of Silence starts when Cooper and his two friends witness ta robbery in their favorite food joint and watch the beating that puts the owner of the restaurant in a coma. Frightened,  Cooper makes a daring escape with his friends and it doesn’t pay off. One of the thieves catches up to Cooper and threatens him. Cooper asks his friends to keep a code of silence so that no one finds out about what they saw. To make matters worse, the police know there was an eighth grade boy crime scene. The police don’t know who exactly was there but they are closing in, fast.  Who were the thieves and can they find Cooper? Are Cooper’s friends and family safe? Should Cooper break the code of silence?

Very few stories are as gripping as this one. It’s a wonderful, gritty mystery that kept me on the edge and it’ll do the same to you. I totally recommend this book. It was fun and intense. Tim Shoemaker did a wonderful job on this book. I rate this book a 9/10 stars.

Disclaimer: The photo belongs to Tim Shoemaker and the company that made it, not me.


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