Back Before Dark

Back Before Dark by Tim Shoemaker was spectacular. Even though I am a Christian, I have never read a Christian book before. Tim Shoemaker infused Christianity, mystery, and thrilling story telling to create this epic thriller.

Back Before Dark is the gripping story of Gordy, Cooper, Hiro, and Lunk. These four friends promised their parents that they would be back before dark the day they decided to go to Walmart. But that never happened because a clever kidnapper traps Gordy and throws him into the back of a silver minivan. This breaks Cooper’s heart the most because Gordy was his cousin and Cooper would do anything for him. This time, Cooper chooses to follow Gordy into the darkness because sometimes, that’s the only way to save a friend.

I do have to admit that this book was slow at first. After the first couple chapters, the book slowed down, a lot. I even thought about putting it back on the shelf but I am glad I didn’t because the end was totally worth it. The last couple of chapters glued me to the book. Through out the book, you watch Cooper move farther and farther into the dark to save his friend. He discovers that love is more powerful than any other force of darkness on Earth. Tim Shoemaker gives you the point of view of all four friends and even, the kidnapper himself. It was truly amazing.

(Back Before Dark is the second book in the Code of Silence series. The first book is waiting for me at the library so I’ll have it soon.) The second book does not give much away about the first so feel free to read it first if you want.

I rate it 9 out 10 stars.

-Howling Wolf


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