20,000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea book review

A total classic and moving story. Intriguing and deep this story from Jules Verne is a wonderful book for a slow rainy day.


Starting on a ship a professor and his companion set aboard a ship hunting for the great narwhals that has been hunting and sinking ships all over the ocean. Disappearing and reappearing in mystery this creature has made itself quite the troublesome quest for these hunters.

When upon meeting the narwhals, the professor Arronax, Conseil, and Ned, the harpooner, are taken aboard the ship called the natulis. Formerly mistaken for that pesky narwhals.

Captured for said rest of their life aboard this one of a kind ship with Captain Nemo, they travel to strange places and see the most amazing creatures and legends.

But how will they do with this captivity. How many times will the group of excplores escape death. And if they are alive, how do they get free from the Captain?

Twenty thousand Leagues under the Sea is an adventurous book that explores the Oceans and Seas to the trust of a companion. Read this classic story to discover the answers to your questions because I won’t tell you.



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